Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I amend or add an item to an order which has already been placed?

    To amend or add an item an order which has already been placed, please promptly call our Customer Service Team on: 1300 314 491

  • Do you sell art supplies and stationary?

    Since we specialise in cleaning and compliance product supply, at this stage we don’t currently offer stationary or art supplies but are always looking to expand our reach of products.

  • Do you have an online store I can view your products and pricing

    Unfortunately not.
    We put a lot of emphasis on being a complete supply partner for the Childcare and Early Education industry and as such we do not have a public facing online store. One of the reasons for this is we put a large emphasis on backordering as little as possible and to do this requires strong min/max levels of stock. If we had a public facing online store there is the possibility to have items drained more than expected for our regular clients which leads to backorders.

  • Can you send me pricing on items to compare against our current supplier?

    Yes and no.
    We always love to give comparisons for your current supplier and your centres spending, however we don’t just send off blind pricing as this has no context required for a true comparison.
    For example if our disinfectant is $8 more expensive than your current solution but dilutes 3x better unless we know what you are currently using its hard to differentiate that there will be a significant saving in the long run and all you will see is our product is more expensive to buy.
    There is also the point of buying power. If you only purchase an item once per month vs multiple times per month we are unable to work out if we can apply volume discounts or if we are to price for a sporadic purchase. As you can imagine the more you buy, the less you pay!
    It’s always best to get in touch with us direct and have a chat about how we work our comparisons as there is a lot of love and a lot of detail that goes into making sure that the savings are transparent and understood.

  • How do I go about setting up an account with Childcare Cleaning Supplies and start ordering?

    Very simple. Get in touch today via our enquiry form and we will give you a call at a time that suits you to discuss what is currently happening with your centre and how we might be able to assist.

  • I want to set up an account with Childcare Cleaning Supplies but our centre is out of QLD, can we still order and how is freight calculated?

    Absolutely! We have a large client base out of state and the way it works is very simple. We work with the best freight companies in the country to secure the cheapest but most reliable freight services. What separates us from a lot of other providers is that we simply pass the freight costs on direct as they cost us, meaning there is no margin added making the freight more expensive. But as a general rule to NSW freight costs approx. 4-5.5% of the value of the order and Victoria is 5-6.5% of the total value of the order. In a lot of cases we have been able to save centres significant amount even still adding freight to get it to them!