The Latest and Safest in Cleaning

Our passion for world-class cleaning products may
not be contagious, but is absolutely essential!

We work to tackle the biggest issues the childcare sector faces when it comes to cleaning and sanitisation, from products that are friendly for children of all ages, to simplifying the ordering process.

Our goal? Improve efficiencies and bring world-class products to the early leaning sector so you can free up more of your time for the things that matter - inspiring and educating children.

An easy to use and more efficient online ordering system

Our purpose-built web ordering system makes it easier than ever to get the products you want, when you need them most.

No more getting caught short-handed or waiting for a customer service centre to place your order. Our proprietary system gives you the ability to set and track monthly, quarterly and annual budgets at every level, as well as pre-set favourites lists so your centre managers can feel empowered to make efficient and more economical decisions when placing orders.

We’re committed to making our online ordering process fast, simple, and easy to use, with a dedicated customer service team available via phone just in case you ever need that helping hand.

Our key partnerships get you a better deal every time

Having been in the cleaning industry for three decades, we’ve developed great relationships with our preferred product manufacturers. This ensures you get access to the best possible products for your business.

Most importantly, we work hard to ensure your childcare centre is able to get the best products at the best price - every time.


A Partnership you can count on

Just because you can’t see what’s on the surface,
doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Health and safety is a concern and major priority for parents and carers when it comes to choosing a childcare centre - and is only rising in importance as we continue to collectively learn more and more about hygiene and its significance in our daily lives.

As such, the consumables and cleaning products that work hard behind the scenes are crucial to your daily routine. And when it comes to running a competitive centre in the early learning space, there’s nothing more important than providing a safe area for both learning, and play.

From ensuring you have the right products on hand, to efficiently managing stock levels, having a reliable partner with proven experience in this space to lean on let’s you keep doing what you do best: educating and inspiring our future.

We intimately understand the challenges you face every day.

Childcare Cleaning Supplies is not only Queensland’s largest independent supplier to the contract cleaning industry, but a true partnership in the childcare and early learning sector.

We’ve recognised the unique challenges childcare workers face every day and are committed to bringing our knowledge and experience to the table so you and your team can focus on what matters most.

A commitment to excellence - from product to service.

Backed by over three decades of knowledge and experience in the cleaning supply world puts us in a position that’s hard to match. With our state of the art technology and online ordering system, we make it easier than ever to get what you need, when you need it.

With us, you’re far from an impersonal transaction. Our automated systems streamline our processes, freeing up our dedicated team to better service each account. From specific queries to product recommendations, we’ve always got your back!


Quality Over Everything

Not only do we help our customers comply
with the National Quality Standards.
We help them surpass it.

We work closely with centre directors in meeting the criteria ensuring a happy, healthy and safe environment. From procuring products we’re happy to put our names beside to assisting with labour saving techniques. When it comes to quality, we’re committed to setting the standard.

Helping Eliminate the Spread of Virus

We’ve been working in the cleaning supply sector for over thirty years to help make safer, healthier environments for both work and play. Working closely within the early learning sector to eliminate the spread of outbreaks with best practice cleaning methods is what we strive toward every day.

This allows centres to operate with maximum occupancy rates while maintaining an exceptional standard of hygiene.

More time for what matters

By focusing on labour saving techniques and more efficient cleaning methods, we’re able to free up time for staff to do what matters: care for and educate kids.

Parents want a centre they can trust

And that trust starts with us. We help you achieve industry standards with the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation products. We stay behind the scenes with you every step of the way, to make sure you’re putting your cleanest foot forward.