Perfectly Curated Products

We’re proud to put our name on every product
we source, stock and sell.

Our aim is not to push product for the sake of pushing product. Every item we stock and supply is thoroughly tested and analysed for both ease of use and effectiveness.

We take into account the things that matter most to you, from labour saving equipment to more sustainable products. This is especially important around younger hands and mouths.

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The Latest and Safest in Cleaning

Our passion for world-class cleaning products may
not be contagious, but is absolutely essential!

We work to tackle the biggest issues the childcare sector faces when it comes to cleaning and sanitisation, from products that are friendly for children of all ages, to simplifying the ordering process.

Our goal? Improve efficiencies and bring world-class products to the early leaning sector so you can free up more of your time for the things that matter - inspiring and educating children.

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A Partnership you can count on

Just because you can’t see what’s on the surface,
doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Our automated systems streamline our processes, freeing up our dedicated team to better service each account. From specific queries to product recommendations, we’ve always got your back!.

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Quality Over Everything

Not only do we help our customers comply
with the National Quality Standards.
We help them surpass it.

We work closely with centre directors in meeting the criteria ensuring a happy, healthy and safe environment. From procuring products we’re happy to put our names beside to assisting with labour saving techniques. When it comes to quality, we’re committed to setting the standard.

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What Our Clients Say

Compliant Cleaning Supplies are easy and really accommodating. They provide flexibility and display patience at all times. Nothing is a problem. They are experts in what products matter most. In truth, they have achieved mastery when it comes to efficiency. With them on-board it allows our staff to carry on because nothing annoys them more than running out of little things like toilet paper which really is a big thing! And you are so kind and pleasant as are all of your gorgeous team. Thanks again.
Molly’s Childcare Centre, Director
By no means am I a chemical expert, so I was grateful for the advice and solutions Terry has provided for us. If it wasn’t for the dilution machine Compliant Cleaning Services supplied I wouldn’t have known the correct usage amounts and dilution rates. Worse still, staff were guessing the amount of chemical to use and weren’t taking the time to read the fine print. Now they are more confident and competent in using the chemicals. Best of all the on-wall dispenser makes it easy, less confusing and it is extremely cost effective to the business overall. Prior to having the on-wall dispenser staff were guessing the dilution rates and we found we were going through double the amount of chemicals we are now. Compliant Cleaning Supplies are experts in finding solutions and are quite clearly customer focused. Summing up they are extremely easy to work with, nothing is too much trouble. Orders are received in a timely manner and always correct, and I can’t ask for more than that.
Karyn, Director - Ascot Childcare Centre
I am extremely grateful I have found a cleaning supply company that cares and is as passionate as what we are. Before using Compliant Cleaning Services, we were never a product supplier, and in truth, we wouldn’t be able to manage without them. Matt’s team have made a massive difference to our business by showing us how to avoid wasting too much time managing consumables. The advantages, for us, is less stress and saving us substantial money. Nowadays the process of ordering and supplying stock is so much easier and the best part is we can provide quality products to our clients with confidence. Additionally they are always reliable, prompt, and do that bit extra, like putting stock away onsite which leaves a smile on our client’s face. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and with their unique reporting system we can view and manage supplies per client per site. Thankyou!
Luke Fox, Managing Director, Extra Clean Commercial Cleaning Services



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