October 10, 2023


There are eight simple steps to remember when it comes to using our Promax Automatic Dilution Machine.

Step 1: Ensure you have read the related product labels, charts and safety data sheets that correspond to the chemicals you are using in the dilution machine.

Step 2: Ensure you’re wearing correct PPE at all times.

Step 3: Check that there is plenty of Chemical in the 5ltr or 15ltr bottle that is connected to the dilution machine.

Step 4: Ensure the water supply is on and directed to the dispenser.

Step 5: For bottle fill, make sure you have the correctly labelled bottle.

Step 6: Turn the dial to the desired product and ensure the hose or nozzle is fully inserted

Step 7: there are two options:

Option 1 is the Bottle Fill. When doing a bottle fill, insert the nozzle into the bottle and lift the cuff upwards to engage the dilution centre.

Option 2 is the Bucket Fill. When doing a bucket fill, put the long hose into your bucket and push the grey button to activate the filling. By pushing the grey button into its lock position, it will keep the water on. Push the button again to deactivate the water.

Step 8: After Filling, divert or turn off the water supply. There are a few other things worth mentioning when it comes to our dilution machine. They are as follows:

  • The dial on the dilution machine is functional in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • In the instance where your tap is fitted with a diverter, simply adjust the valve to direct the water flow towards your Promax Automatic Dilution Dispenser.



When filling spray bottles, turn the label away from you as it will allow you to see where the filling level is. On the mop bucket side of the dilution system, you’ll find a hose long enough to avoid physically lifting the mop bucket onto the sink, thus reducing any heavy lifts for improved methods of safety & manual handling.

To replace an empty 5ltr or 15ltr bottle, unscrew the cap, remove the tube with the white weight and yellow valve & place into a container or the sink, exchange bottles & insert the tube into a new bottle using the existing cap, place the new bottle cap on the old bottle and discard to approved place.  It is always best practise to ensure your taps are always turned off when the chemical dilution machine is not in use. This ensures safety and prevents any unnecessary waste of accidents from occurring.