October 9, 2023

What are Safety Data Sheets and what are their purpose?

When someone speaks of an SDS, they are talking about Safety Data Sheets. There is an SDS for every chemical of ours that are used in your centre, located in your SDS packs provided to you by Childcare Cleaning Supplies. These packs should be located both in your laundry and with your director. The Safety Data Sheets provide critical information for your reference. Information which includes the chemical composition, emergency response procedures, storage and transport guidelines, and required personal protective equipment or PPE. Always read and understand the SDS before using any chemical.

Each chemical product on the market, including sunscreen essential oils, hand soaps and creams, will have its own SDS. Even different scents will have separate SDS’, each with its own expiration date this being 5 years from issue date.

Managing Safety Data Sheets

For optimal management outcomes, we advise utilizing products solely sourced from Childcare Cleaning Supplies. By doing so, you can rely on us to diligently maintain all Safety Data Sheets associated with our Smart Clean Range. We will proactively provide you with updated copies as they approach their expiration dates. By adopting this approach, you can eliminate the necessity for administrative tasks on your end.