October 10, 2023


When it comes to the safe use of chemicals, remember to always wear gloves and safety goggles whenever you are handling chemicals, dispensing chemicals or diluting chemicals. When using a spray trigger it is best to have the nozzle adjusted so it is spraying in a straight line and not atomizing. When chemical is atomised, it has more potential to be breathed in and cause some discomfort. Spray the chemical onto the cloth first, then wipe the surface to avoid unnecessary exposure. When actively using chemicals in a spray bottle, please ensure that the bottle is either in your hand or insight and never leave the bottle unattended. Upon use, ensure children if present, are removed from the cleaning area before commencement.

Most sink, toilet bowl, urinal, bleach based cleaners and oven cleaners should be used via a pop top.  All chemical spills must be cleaned up straight away in the manner described in the SDS and report any major spills to your centre’s director. Chemicals should only be dispensed or diluted in designated areas such as the laundry, never in front of, or near children.