October 10, 2023


All containers holding chemical must be labelled correctly and are only to be used for holding the same chemical as the label states. Do not use chemicals if the bottle does not have a clear readable label or the chemical inside the bottle does not seem to be the correct one. Please remember to never leave chemical containers without the lid or spray top on and report any unlabelled bottles to your centre director. It is also important that you know how to read chemical labels on the bottles.

All chemical containers, including the 15Ltr and 5Ltr bottles, as well as the spray and pop-top bottles, will have a detailed label containing essential information such as the chemical name, purpose of use, dilution details, chemical properties and poison safety information. Please also check the expiry date on the master bottle, which is the 5Ltr or 15Ltr bottle, and if the chemical has expired, it must be disposed of following your local council’s guidelines and the SDS sheet.